Donaldson Planning is passionate about providing an informed, cost effective, and client focused service for those developers, professionals and individuals who must engage with the planning and development process in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

We pride ourselves on our integrity. As Chartered Town Planners we provide straightforward, honest and impartial advice to all of our clients.

When you choose to work with us, you will get our personal attention. Our Principals know every job, and the needs of every client. With our experienced personnel, and our established track record, we do not need to hide behind anonymous websites or virtual offices.

Our Principals have over 40 years of combined private and public sector experience. This has given us invaluable insight into the working of the planning system, the appeals process and the law. It has enabled us to ensure that the needs of our clients are translated into robust planning applications and innovative development strategies. We especially welcome challenging or unusual projects, regardless of scale.